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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> Ride the Chico Wildflower Century on April 30th

Ride the Chico Wildflower Century on April 30th

Northern California’s Chico Wildflower Century ® has been listed in Bicycling magazine as a “Top Ten Century”

It’s one of the most popular century rides on the West Coast with over 4,000 participants taking part each year. The 2017 Wildflower will be a great day for everyone who loves to eat, breathe, drink, and pedal!

The event features 8 different rides to cater for families and all abilities, ranging from the 12 mile children’s ride for families, right up to the Wildcat 125 mile challenge.

The Wildfest pre-ride party, starting on Saturday afternoon April 29th at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds (2-8pm) will be even bigger and better this year.

Participants and their families will enjoy; Rider check-in, live music, a beer garden, Kid Zone, Kid’s Bike Rodeo and Vendor Expo. You can get fueled up at the Fork in the Road Food Truck Court, to be ready to ride on the Sunday morning.

Bring your friends and family because this community event is open to all!

Entry into the Wildflower includes wonderfully catered rest stops and a SAG wagon should anyone need any support. After the cycling has been completed, you can enjoy a nice warm shower, post-ride dinner and goodie bag.

Riders can choose from the hilly Wildcat 125 & 100, the traditional Wildflower 100 & 55 routes, Flatflower 60, 30, & 12, and Childflower 12.

The Chico Wildflower’s mission is to provide riders with the ultimate century experience whilst contributing to its great local community.

Chico Velo actively advocates for and encourages cycling in Northern California through a variety of programs. The Chico Velo Foundation allows Chico Velo to extend their reach by offering grants to assist individuals and organizations in funding local cycling-related events, activities and projects.

For full details and registration, please visit: http://www.wildflowercentury.org

Ride the Chico Wildflower Century on April 30th

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