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America's Premier Gravel Race Sells Out in Seconds

The legendary Dirty Kanza 200 Gravel Ginder in Emporia, Kansas sold out in just a few minutes

The Dirty Kanza 200 is the “Worlds Premier Endurance Gravel Road Race”. The 12th edition takes place on June 3rd and 4th in Emporia, Kansas, in the Midwest of the U.S.A.

Dirty Kanza 200 is an ultra-endurance off-road cycling event that is extremely challenging, but at the same time possible to complete. It's run over the ruggedness and remoteness of the Flint Hills region. The event promotes self-sufficiency of participants, while at the same time providing an appropriate level of support, to ensure an enjoyable, life-enriching cycling experience.

Last year in 2016, 1,098 cyclists from 44 states and 10 countries pedaled off from the historic Granada Theatre on a 200-mile endurance race through remote tallgrass Prairie rangeland.

This year, Dirty Kanza Registration opened on Saturday, Jan. 14th at 8am CST

According to the The Dirty Kanza Promotions Team, "2,500 people were logged in and ready to go at 8am on Saturday morning. Many more logging on in the minutes to follow. Only 2,200 spots were available, so naturally not all were able to get into the 2017 event."

The 200 specially allocated spots for women filled up in just 1 hour, indicating a record setting year for the ladies.

Naturally with that many people registering at ome time, the The Dirty Kanza Promotions Team have some administration tasks at hand, stating officially "We began answering those inquiries at 8:30am, and did so until around 10:30pm.  We picked back up at 5:00am this morning.  So please believe me when I say we hear you… and we are working hard to do all we can to accommodate as many of you as possible. We will then be using every tool and technique available to identify those who would have been “next in cue” to receive an entry.  You will be contacted and given an opportunity to register.  We will continue our efforts until every spot has been made available and every spot is filled."

"In the meantime, please understand that we are humbled and honored by the fact that Dirty Kanza means so much to so many of you.  We will continue our efforts to earn your trust… and will remain committed to continually improve as we seek to serve the cycling community."

Last year, the street party, made possible by sponsors and volunteers, continued until well after midnight.

Two Californians were crowned king and queen of Kanza on Saturday: Ted King of Mill Valley won the men's field with a time of 11 hours, 50 minutes, and last year's champ, Amanda Nauman of Laguna Hills, easily defended her title with a 13 hour, 11 minute ride.

In addition to the 200-mile field, 666 cyclists are competing in a “half-pint” 100-mile course, and 300 will ride the 50-mile “fun run.” The first 100-mile finishers are expected back in town as early as noon.

2016 Results -

Ted King of Mill Valley won the men's field with a time of 11 hours, 50 minutes
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