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Welcome to Gran Fondo USA >> New Course for Surrey Hills Gravelcross CX this Weekend!

New Course for Surrey Hills Gravelcross CX this Weekend!

The Surrey Hills Gravelcross next weekend (5th March) has a new venue and completely new courses for 2017

A fast, flowing mix of back road, dirt  gravel tracks, this is how UK CX/Gravel riding should be! The new Surrey Hills Gravelcross combines the sort of back lanes road route that tests road bikes to their limit, with fast dirt / sand/ gravel fire road sections and just a pinch of technical terrain.

Throw in the meaty profile of the Surrey Hills and you've got ride to really get the blood pumping!

Open to CX/Gravel bikes, MTBs, 29ers, hybrids or whatever you ride!

Even suitable for winter road bikes. Road bike recommendations: semi-treaded CX tyres (28mm minimum, 32-35mm ideal), no mudguards.

Don't ride anything you wouldn't want to get dirty or scuffed!

New Course for Surrey Hills Gravelcross CX this Weekend!

The Surrey Hills Gravelcross makes it possibly the most ‘roadie friendly’ event to cross over to CX for the first time with lots of roads, although it still has plenty of dirt track and gravel sections. Somewhere between a Flanders Spring Classic and a US gravel grinder, but with a distinctly Surrey Hills flavour, it’s fast paced and ideal for the early season conditions.

The course has been re-designed this year to a really crossover friendly event from road. It concentrates on the forest fire roads in the Surrey hills for the off road sections making the ideal event for anyone coming from road riding who has the strength and endurance, but maybe not so much in the off road handling technique yet – that sounds familiar!

CX Sportives like to strike a balance where they are accessible to rider trying them for the first time, but doesn’t place limits on the potential of the bikes and the riding. It’s a developing format and new riders will get the most out of it learning as they go.

Full Support

With all CX Sportive events, riders will enjoy; a choice of course distances (40,60,80k), Full course marking, detailed route map, Support vehicle / mechanical assistance on the course, Free CNP energy drink, Support/feed station on route (80& 60k only. Drinks station on 40k route), Free allocation of energy snacks for each rider at support stations and finish, on site catering – Hot and cold food and drinks, Electronic rider timing, immediate results for each rider at the finish with Bronze, Silver and Gold standards and Website results service

At CX Sportive events, you can concentrate on riding and they do the rest.

For full information and to register, please go to

VIDEO: Preview of the Surrey Hills Gravelcross CX 2017

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