Giordana GFNCS Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo, Helen, May 7th 2017, 4 Timed Sections, 3 Distances - Register NOW!
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Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Apr 28 - Apr 30 CampoVelo Napa Valley St Helena, California, USA 12 - 80 miles C GRANFONDO
Apr 29 - Apr 30 The Flagler Fondo Bunnell, Florida, USA 2 days, 20 to 96 miles D GRANFONDO
Apr 29 Montana Hell Ride Hamilton, Montana, USA 52, 85 miles D GRANFONDO
Apr 29 Bo Bikes Bama Auburn, Alabama, USA 63-mile, 20-mile B GRANFONDO
Apr 30 L’Etape California by le Tour de France Ontario, California, USA 80 miles (11k feet) D GRANFONDO
May 06 - May 07 Javelina Chase Gran Fondo Duncan, Arizona, USA 25, 50, 72 miles C GRANFONDO
May 06 Fulton Gran Fondo Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 100 miles C GRANFONDO
May 07 Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo GFNCS Helen, Georgia, USA 20, 60, 100 miles F GRANFONDO
May 13 Vino Fondo Gran Fondo St. Louis, Missouri, USA 48,74,104 miles E GRANFONDO
May 13 Rhodekill Spring Classic West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA 40, 65 miles C GRANFONDO
May 14 Gran Fondo Leavenworth Leavenworth, Washington, USA 87 miles E GRANFONDO
May 15 The Assaults on Mt. Mitchell and Marion Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA 72.4, 102.7 miles E GRANFONDO
May 20 Little Rock Gran Fondo Little Rock, Arkansas, USA 35, 70 miles C GRANFONDO
May 20 Tour of the Battenkill Open Gran Fondo Cambridge, New York, USA 26, 68 miles D GRANFONDO
May 20 Heartbreak Hundred and Double Century Lebec, California, USA 100, 200 miles F GRANFONDO
May 20 Gran Fondo Salt Lake Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 35, 65, 100 miles C GRANFONDO
May 21 Delaware Gran Fondo Wilmington, Delaware, USA 31, 62 miles C GRANFONDO
May 21 Oregon Gran Fondo Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA 71,117 miles D GRANFONDO
May 21 Campagnolo GFNY New York New York, USA 50, 100 miles D GRANFONDO
May 21 Apple Blossom Bike Tour Placerville, California, USA 30, 60 miles D GRANFONDO
May 21 North Shore Tour de Cure Gran Fondo Topsfield, Massachusetts, USA 15, 31, 62,100 Mile Gran Fondo C GRANFONDO
May 27 Burleson Honey Tour Burleson, Texas, USA 7, 28, 46, 65 miles B GRANFONDO
May 28 Mountains of Misery Newport, Virginia, USA 100, 124 miles F GRANFONDO
May 29 Jack-Cass Century a Tour of Kansas City Gran Fondo Lees Summit, Missouri, USA 20,40,60, 75,100 miles C GRANFONDO
May 29 Evergreen Health 7 Hills of Kirkland Gran Fondo Kirkland, Washington, USA 40,60,100 miles C GRANFONDO