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2024-2025 Bikepacking Calendar

Bikepacking is one of the fastest growing trends in cycling after the huge explosion of gravel rides post-pandemic. It's all about travel, exploration, self-support, adventure and getting back into nature on roads less travelled.

Envoking the freedom of backcountry cycling off the beaten path, bikepacking involves carrying the essential gear on an off-road bike for multi-day adventures.

Equipment can range from a full load with sleeping gear, cooking kit, and food for overnight camping, or minimal kit with just the clothing and supplies you need to link shelters, hostels and hotels. It’s all about pedaling further into places less traveled, both near and far, via singletrack, old trails, gravel and forgotten dirt roads, and connecting with the vast landscapes, welcoming communites, and diverse terrain encountered along the way.

If camping overnight, please follow the mantra "Leave No Trace" and take all your rubbish with you.

If you ask us, nothing else compares to a long adventure off road by bike. It's a different pace of life, a whole new travel lifestyle for adventure cyclists. Above all, bikepacking is supposed to be fun! So, take your time, savour the experience and company of other cyclists!

We're putting together the most comprehensive worldwide 2024 Bikepacking Calendar and 2025 Bikepacking Calendar on the net. So, stay tuned for lots of new bikepacking how to's, content and stories from around the world!

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Bikepacking Gravel Rides
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Start Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Mar 02 2024 The Florida Divide Fargo Florida USA 800, 900, 1400, 1500 miles F BIKEPACKING
Mar 03 2024 Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra Norbotten Sweden 310.6 miles D BIKEPACKING
Mar 08 2024 Hoved Ting Hamburg Germany 1003 km E BIKEPACKING
Mar 09 2024 Cloudride Prologue Canberra Australia 500km D BIKEPACKING
Mar 12 2024 Great Ocean Road Gravel Tour Victoria Australia 6 days C BIKEPACKING
Mar 23 2024 At Last Lost Aveiro Portugal 621.3 miles E BIKEPACKING
Mar 30 2024 Granguanche Audax Gravel Canary Islands Spain 434 miles D BIKEPACKING
Mar 30 2024 Classics Story The Northern Way Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Belgium 1200km E BIKEPACKING
Apr 04 2024 Discover Israel Race Eilat Mehoz Hadarom 715 miles D BIKEPACKING
Apr 04 2024 Catalunya Trail Girona Spain 260, 430, 750 km F BIKEPACKING
Apr 04 2024 Discover Israel Trail Eilat Israel 1108 km F BIKEPACKING
Apr 05 2024 Monaro Cloudride Canberra Australia 1000km D BIKEPACKING
Apr 06 2024 Ô Gravel Occitanie 600 2024 Toulouse France 600 km F BIKEPACKING
Apr 11 2024 Gravel Del Fuego Puerto Natales Chile 250, 1000km E BIKEPACKING
Apr 13 2024 All Around Perche La Ferté Bernard France 330km D BIKEPACKING
Apr 13 2024 La Gravel Spider Monster Pont Caffino France 456, 666 km D BIKEPACKING
Apr 13 2024 Desertus Bikus Anglet France 1350 km F BIKEPACKING
Apr 18 2024 Big Bash Aragon Aragón Spain 240km B BIKEPACKING
Apr 20 2024 Veneto Gravel Nr Venice Italy 600 km D BIKEPACKING
Apr 22 2024 Transichnusa Italy Sardinia 585 km D BIKEPACKING
Apr 25 2024 Italy Divide Pompei Italy 1250 km D BIKEPACKING
Apr 26 2024 La Clandestina Black Murcia Spain 374km C BIKEPACKING
Apr 26 2024 Basilicata Bike Trail Calanchi Spring Edition Basilicata Italy 100, 150 miles E BIKEPACKING
Apr 27 2024 Race Around The Netherlands Netherlands Western Netherlands 1181 miles D BIKEPACKING
Apr 27 2024 BRM 300 Lake Constance Lake Constance Switzerland 302km C BIKEPACKING
Apr 27 2024 Gravel Tro Breizh Rennes France 1250km E BIKEPACKING
Apr 27 2024 Race Across Italy Silvi Marina Italy 775 km D BIKEPACKING
Apr 29 2024 Candy B Graveller Hessen Germany 640km D BIKEPACKING
May 01 2024 A Bike Race Chepstow Wales 1000km E BIKEPACKING
May 01 2024 Hanse Gravel Hamburg Germany 625 km C BIKEPACKING
May 02 2024 ACross The 3 Eupen Belgium 500 km D BIKEPACKING
May 02 2024 Cap Ou Pas Cap St Floxel France 315km C BIKEPACKING
May 02 2024 Ultraknuckle St George Utah 222 miles B BIKEPACKING
May 03 2024 Freedom Curcuit South Africa Swartberg 200, 400, 700km E BIKEPACKING
May 04 2024 Bear Bones Wrt Powys Wales 124 miles F BIKEPACKING
May 04 2024 UBF JURA Lons-le-Saunier, France 200, 300, 500 km F BIKEPACKING
May 04 2024 Tour De Meuse Gravel Verdun France 360km C BIKEPACKING
May 04 2024 Catalunya Trail Gravel Augusta Barcelona Spain 260, 430, 750 km C BIKEPACKING
May 06 2024 Bikingman Portugal Faro Portugal 1000km D BIKEPACKING
May 06 2024 Ride Across Arizona Topock Arizona USA 602 miles F BIKEPACKING
May 09 2024 Mainfranken Graveller Residenzplatz Würzburg Germany 430, 632 km D BIKEPACKING
May 10 2024 Carso Trail Doberdò Del Lago Italy 350km C BIKEPACKING
May 10 2024 Rideyrbike Willamt Nonstop Portland Or 657km D BIKEPACKING
May 11 2024 Krovojoj Reus Spain 1400km D BIKEPACKING
May 11 2024 Gravel Birds Beja Portugal 750 km E BIKEPACKING
May 11 2024 La Clandestina White Murcia Spain 374km D BIKEPACKING
May 12 2024 Mittelgebirge Classique Maikammer Germany 1060km E BIKEPACKING
May 12 2024 Seven Serpents Ljubljana Slovenia 850km D BIKEPACKING
May 16 2024 The Southern Divide Lands End UK 614km, 3-5 days D BIKEPACKING
May 17 2024 La Conquista Bikepacking Burgos Spain 650 km F BIKEPACKING