2018 RBC Gran Fondo Whistler, September 8th.
GranFondo Sportive Gravel Century
Double HillClimb Expo Festival
Leisure Tour Ultra Fat Bike
MTB RoadRace Women
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Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Sep 01 The Double Downs. Hampshire, South East, UK 33, 47, 64 miles C GRAVEL
Sep 08 - Sep 09 Dukes Weekender Gravel Enduro Aberfoyle, Scotland, UK 60 km C GRAVEL
Sep 22 - Sep 23 Plain Suffering Warminster, South West, UK 60, 113 miles D GRAVEL
Sep 23 White Horse Ridge CX Oxfordshire, South East, UK 30, 44, 75km C CXSPORTIVE
Sep 29 The Bombtrack Gran Fonduro Tweed Valley, Scotland, UK 90km C GRAVEL
Sep 30 The Brutal Tootle Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK 100 km C GRAVEL
Oct 07 Viking Challenge Nottingham, East Midlands, UK 30, 50 km C GRAVEL
Oct 21 Top Of The Rock Thirsk, North Yorkshire, UK 27, 36, 60 km C GRAVEL
Oct 28 Falling Leaves Rough Ride Staffordshire, West Midlands, UK 42, 75 km C GRAVEL
Jan 06 Rockets Jan Fondo Plymouth, South West, UK 70 miles D GRAVEL
Mar 30 Haldon Heroic CX Sportive Exeter, South West, UK 15, 36, 50 miles D CXSPORTIVE
Apr 26 - Apr 27 Dirty Reiver Keidler Forest, North East, UK 200 km E GRAVEL