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Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Feb 29 Cirrem Cumming, Iowa, USA 62 miles C GRAVEL
Mar 21 Iowa Spring Classic Cumming, Iowa, USA 32, 49 miles C GRAVEL
Mar 28 C.O.G. 100 Iowa Gravel Single Speed Championship Grinnell, Iowa, USA 100 miles C GRAVEL
Apr 18 - Apr 19 Iowa Wind and Rock Winterset, Iowa, USA 340 miles F GRAVEL
May 02 MADCO100 Winterset, Iowa, USA 100 miles C GRAVEL
Jun 06 Prairie Burn 100 Grinnell, Iowa, USA 25, 50, 100 miles C GRAVEL
Jul 04 Iowa Gravel Classic Coon Rapids, Iowa, USA 62, 100 miles C GRAVEL
Aug 15 The Courage Ride Gravel Ride Kalona, Iowa, USA 62, 80, 100 miles D GRAVEL
Oct 24 Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra Saint Charles, Iowa, USA 150, 200 miles F GRAVEL